12 Locations in 3 Days: Behind the Scenes with Skyscope

by Alex Turgeon on October 15, 2014

The following is a post by our newest team member, Alex Turgeon. In addition his position as an Associate Creative at Skyscope, Alex is a student at Clark University. He started off as an intern in the Summer of 2014, and now works part time as he pursues his degree at Clark.

Last month, the Skyscope Team packed our bags and hopped a plane to Washington DC and New York City to film 12 locations in 3 days- a new Skyscope record! We had the pleasure to work with Swipely, an innovative processing service that helps with payments, analytics, and marketing tools to local merchants.

As we bustled around each city, we also enjoyed wining and dining at a culinary diverse restaurants that use Swipely. Whether is was devouring greek tapas at Cava Mezze, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee with Irving Farms, tasting authentic french bistro cuisines at Bar Tabac, or dining at the highest rated restaurant on Open Table – Founding Farmers- Swipely’s clients took care of us as much as we took care of them.

One of the biggest challenges we were faced with that we’d never faced yet to this extent so far was this volume of locations and the fast timetable! Most people would consider that a rough week of work, but at Skyscope, it just made us hungrier to succeed (restaurant pun intended).

One key quality that made it possible to shoot in so many diverse locales was our ability as a team to establish a beautiful looking shot and set up our equipment, all within minutes of arriving on site. Our strategy going in was simple, yet crucial: Get one camera set up for cinematic creative shots with the 70-200 millimeter lens, and then have one person (usually Sam) start immediately using this, while the other 2 people completed setup. This worked very well, and we were able to start capturing great b-roll less than 5 minutes after arrival, thus maximizing the creative shots we were able to get at each site. We were able to work so efficiently that before most people were done with their meals, we we’re wrapped up and ready to head out! Unless of course, we stayed to grab a bite.

Overall, this trip taught myself and the rest of the team a significant about being agile and time efficient in high pressure situations where you have limited time to get the shots you need. We also realized in fast paced situations such as these, excellent team communication more important than ever, in fact your goal should really be to “over communicate”, at a minimum. Lastly, while it was a challenge doing as many as 4 locations in one day, this project also reminded us of a lot of the reasons why we are passionate about our projects at Skyscope. There are always interesting people to meet, meaningful stories to tell, and one way or another… Delicious things to eat.