2016 Skyscope Super Bowl Ad

by Talin Avakian on February 16, 2016


At Skyscope, we don’t need an excuse to create content, but we won’t turn down a good one when it comes. Three weeks before the kickoff of Super Bowl 50, our team decided to pose a creative challenge for ourselves: to create a video advertisement worthy of running during the most media packed television event of the year. While we didn’t have the multi-million dollar budget to produce and run a TV spot during the Big Game, we asked ourselves, what would we create for Skyscope?

These were the requirements we set for ourselves:

  • Must be 30 seconds in length
  • “Skyscope” must be said or written
  • The ad should be focused on video marketing
  • Highlight our main product, customer testimonials
  • Must speak directly to our “target audience”
  • Should include our Mission, Vision & Values

And here was our result:

Customers Can Do It Better (30 second cut)



Creative challenges and restrictions can be both helpful and harmful to the process; on one hand, you may not have come up with certain ideas without the restrictions, on the other, those restrictions may be holding you back from a the best possible video. Sticking to the 30 second time constraint was definitely a challenge in scripting the ad, as well as in the editing room. We got to a point where we had to ask ourselves the question: Is the quality of the story worth compromising for a limitation? (in TV advertising, a non-negotiable limitation) Is the messaging of the 30 second cut still communicated successfully than in the 40 second cut?

Customers Can Do It Better (Director’s cut)


After watching both, which one is more effective? Do you feel the extra ten seconds are necessary and allow for the appropriate amount of time for communicating the key messages and allowing the performances of the talent to shine?

All in all, we had a great time creating this piece and felt it was a great marketing exercise for us. It’s good practice for storytelling when you have a clear mission, with a few restrictions to help you focus and make sure you’re communicating effectively to your target audience.

Thanks for reading. Here’s a peek into some of the other clips that didn’t make the final cut:

Blooper Reel: