3 Reasons Why Worcester is a Great Place to Run a Business

by Alex Dunn on March 2, 2016


Say what you will about Worcester, but it’s undeniable that the second largest city in New England has some unsung merits that are typically shadowed by our big neighbor, Boston. Don’t get us wrong, we love Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and all of the other amazing sites that we travel to when helping our customers tell stories with authentic video, but Worcester still remains our home base for a handful of reasons. Here are three things about Worcester, Massachusetts that make it ideal for a video production company like ours, or anyone else looking to take an entrepreneurial leap of faith.



Most business owners and entrepreneurs would agree that the success of your business is directly tied to the quality of the talent you can hire, grow and keep on your team. The city of Worcester is home to nine colleges and universities with more than 36,000 students. One would be hard pressed to find another city of comparable size with a greater concentration of world-class colleges and universities.

Our team consists of some of the best cinematographers, animators, editors, artists, and web designers around, but the heart of our hiring process relies on a candidate’s attitude and intrinsic entrepreneurial desires. “Hire for attitude, train for skill,” as the saying goes. Recent university grads typically fit this mold to a T, as they are eager to learn, rack up some experience, and get their hands dirty. They are used to completing projects of their own and are excited to jump start their career somewhere they can make a big impact. If you create a company with a fun culture and a good product, the most talented young professionals will be lined up for internships and applying for full time positions right after graduation.


Accessibility & Location

Centrally located between the Northeast’s biggest cities, Skyscope is situated within driving distance of New York City, Hartford and Stamford CT, Providence RI, Portland ME, Springfield MA, and all points in between. Most notably, a drive into Boston & Cambridge can be complete in under an hour with options for public transportation. Additionally, a high speed rail connecting Worcester’s Union Station to Boston’s South Station starts service in the summer of 2016. A 45 minute commute to Boston where you can work the entire way. Yes, please!
Worcester has been a great hub for Skyscope over the past three and a half years and has allowed us to operate at a lower cost, produce videos at a disruptive price point, and remain only a short trip away from all of our customers. As a bonus, JetBlue opened up a terminal in Worcester in 2013 to offer reasonably priced flights to Florida, so we can occasionally take a break from the snow and sip a few umbrella laden cocktails with the sand between our toes.


The Co$t of doing business

When you are starting a business from your savings, taking out a loan or taking investment, managing your costs and watching your finances are essential activities for maintaining cash flow. If you compare the cost of doing business in a city like New York or Boston to that of Worcester, it’s easy to mitigate some major financial risks. The cost of living for employees is lower, the rent for awesome office space is lower, and even small compounding expenses like parking, utilities, and team lunches are dramatically lower than that of a major city. The rent, the food, and the bars are all a fraction of the cost if you wanted the same stuff in Boston. A low cost of living relieves a lot of stress for your employees, and relieves some of the painfully high salaries you have to offer to retain the talent you want in Boston. And let’s not forget lunch. The restaurant game is strong in Worcester, and we take advantage of the awesome variety and unbeatable prices every chance we get.

Sure, we don’t have the ocean view skyscrapers, a philharmonic orchestra, or the oldest ballpark in the USA, but we do have the TableTalk Pies factory, Polar Seltzer, the infamous Turtleboy fountain, and three of the most essential components for starting a business. Amazing talent, a central location, and substantially lower costs than our surrounding sister cities. Oh yeah, and a video production company that has been changing the standards for business video production since 2011.

Here’s a fun little timelapse video of the city we like to call home:



Alex Dunn is the COO of Skyscope and oversees daily operations and makes sure everything is functioning delightfully. Overseeing all the major processes at Skyscope, Alex strives to turn the complex process of video production into an easy and fun experience for everyone. When he’s not managing finances, working with customers, or strategizing on marketing plans for Skyscope, you can find Alex in the kitchen making opulent sandwiches, or on the golf course with friends. Fore!

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