4 Apps to Run Your Creative Agency

by Talin Avakian on June 28, 2015

At Skyscope, we have 4 apps that we use everyday & recommend to run your creative agency:

Asana – Teamwork without email. Asana puts conversations & tasks together, so you can get more done with less effort. We depend on Asana to stay organized, know what we’re individually/collectively working on, and keep us on track with our multiple projects.

Slack – A great platform for team communication. Slack brings it all together in one place. We’re on there pretty much all day, sharing thoughts, getting feedback on projects, and posting inspiration. Slack has a really cool channel feature where you can categorize conversations, which is a great way to organize your thoughts and avoid those super long and hard to follow message threads.

Google Apps – We use Google apps at every stage in the production process. It’s super easy to use, easy to share things with clients, and a great way to collaborate on documents. It’s also nice to keep everything in one location without having to worry about it.

Wipster – An online feedback platform. It allows us and our clients to click anywhere on a video to make a comment/add feedback where necessary. We no longer need to use email for feedback or reference time codes; our feedback process is much more efficient.