Our Story

How it Started

We founded Skyscope in 2012 on the belief that the right video in the right place can deliver massive impact. Our driving motivator is to advance innovation by helping the world’s most interesting and important technology companies solve their business challenges with authentic and effective video. As our team and client list grew, we honed our video production style to resonate with the innovative brands we wanted to work with.

Although our style was a hit, we knew that the strategy behind the video, and the process for creating it, would be paramount for continued success. After making numerous types of videos for dozens of industries, we narrowed our focus to video testimonials, the most impactful video content imaginable for business. We call them “Customer Success Films.”

Most recently, our strategy has been to systematize the video production process behind customer success films to make them as painless as possible for our customers, and the clients that agree to be featured. We have learned that there is nothing more powerful or effective than a customer success story when creating or supplementing an effective video marketing plan.

Headquartered outside of Boston in Worcester MA, with offices in Cambridge MA as well, we’re an eclectic team of filmmakers, marketers, designers, programmers and motion graphics artists. Our goal is to tell your stories and drive your organization’s growth with the power of video.

The Mission

Create the ultimate video production experience with a world class team dedicated to delivering the most authentic and effective videos possible for innovative companies we believe in.

The Vision

To be the company of choice for producing the best customer testimonial videos nationwide.

We Value

Applied Learning – Tenacity – Fun! – Entrepreneurial Ownership – Storytelling – Camaraderie