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Matter Communications is Acquiring Skyscope!

By Sam Shepler on April 5, 2016

We are thrilled to announce some very exciting news: Skyscope has been acquired by Matter Communications™, an award-winning PR and social media firm who shares our vision for persuasive power of video.

Check out the

Tips for an Effortless Skyscope Shoot

By Alex Dunn on March 24, 2016

Being part of a Skyscope video shoot is ridiculously easy. If you’re thinking about how nervous you got in your high school play, or for your first big job interview; take a deep breath and relax.

The entire process is done in about three hours, and if you’re being interviewed we only nee....

How We Travel And Why We’re Awesome At It

By Alex Dunn on March 16, 2016

One of the most common questions we get about video testimonials at Skyscope is: “My customer’s office is far away…do you guys travel? How does that work?”

The short answer is, it works really well. Our process for booking travel, the size of our gear and production team, and the experiences we’ve gained from doing years of travel shoots all contribute to the confidence you can have when you hire Skyscope to capture your customer’s stories from the Golden State to the Big Apple and everywhere in between.

The Skyscope Video Portrait Series

By Talin Avakian on March 9, 2016

Introducing: What Drives Us

The Skyscope Video Portrait Series

Our new series will dive (no pun intended) into our passions in and outside of our work at Skyscope.

From scuba diving to building....

Say what you will about Worcester, but it is undeniable that the second largest city in New England has some unsung merits that are typically shadowed by our big neighbor, Boston. Here are three things about Worcester, Massachusetts that make it ideal for a video production company like ours, or anyone else looking to take an entrepreneurial leap of faith.

Who to Ask When Getting Your Customer Testimonial

By Gabe Gerzon on February 26, 2016

Although working with exceptional video production team is critical, the most important success key of a customer testimonial video actually happens weeks before we show up on set: selecting the hero of your movie!

What to Look For in a Motion Graphics Workstation

By Jon Bettinger on February 24, 2016

So you’re looking to build a computer for motion graphics and animation, but you don’t know where to start. You know you want to leave the consumer-focused and over-priced Apple ecosystem to step over to the dark side, but the world of custom PC building can seem overwhelming with its emphasis on ‘custom everything’ and pedantic arguments about which seemingly identical part is superior.

2016 Skyscope Super Bowl Ad

By Talin Avakian on February 16, 2016

At Skyscope, we don’t need an excuse to create content, but we won’t turn down a good one when it comes. Three weeks before the kickoff of Super Bowl 50, our team decided to pose a creative challenge for ourselves: to create a video advertisement worthy of running during the most media packed television event of the year. While we didn’t have the multi-million dollar budget to produce and run a TV spot during the Big Game, we asked ourselves, what would we create for Skyscope?