Canon 5D Mark II vs. Mark III from the Videographer’s POV

by Gabe Gerzon on February 7, 2013

Hey guys, so we recently got a new Canon 5D Mark II and wanted to talk about why we still think it’s the best value for price conscious DSLR shooters over the newer Mark III. Curious why we think a 5 year old camera can still compete with one from last year? Check out the video below.

This keyword-heavy content piece was a good opportunity to practice what we preached in our SEO blog post and input a video transcript for YouTube. This is super easy (if sometimes monotonous if you didn’t script your video!) and can improve your SEO in a big way. Though Google’s getting better at crawling videos, uploading transcripts is a necessary step to take if you want to make sure search engines know your video and its content. Because a transcript associates searchable text with your video, including one boosts the likelihood people will arrive at your video from a web search containing keywords that appear in your video.

Uploading a Trascript to YouTube

•Save your video transcription in a plain-text file format (TextEdit on Mac, for example).
•Head to the YouTube Video Manager and find your video. Click the drop down arrow and select “Captions.”
•Click “Upload caption file or transcript” and select your file. Voila! That’s it.

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