Halloween 2015: Dreams of Sugar

by Talin Avakian on October 31, 2015

CHALLENGE: Create a skit involving all of our Halloween‬ characters, written/shot/edited in 8 hours.
RESULT: This wacky, candy saturated skit, revolving around European adult film director, Alejandro Stroker, set up with the challenge to produce a hot new commercial for typically “just alright” Halloween candy, the Randy Corn (aka the candy corn’s next biggest competitor).

Between our B2B tech client projects, our team makes it a priority to create our own content. We do this as a way to practice what we preach, exercise our creative minds in other ways, while learning new things in the process…and remembering to have fun! In this case, we used Halloween as our prompt. We already had our cast (our Halloween costumes), so all we had to do was write their story…somehow incorporating them into the same story together. We were all pleasantly surprised by what came out of our 30 minute brainstorm. Here we had an astronaut, Misty from Pokemon, Chuckie Finster from the Rugrats, a Lumberjane, and Finn “the human” from Adventure Time. How the heck would all their lives intersect? Click the play button above.

All in all, we remembered the importance of going for it, while having fun. Progress is better than perfection, and at the end of the day, we ended up with a new fun piece to share with our community, bringing lots of laughs and a whole lot of team bonding.