How to Shoot a Computer Screen in 5 Simple Steps

by Gabe Gerzon on December 12, 2013


Showing off great design and a superb user experience is essential when marketing any SaaS product. You can tell people what problem it solves and how it will change their life, but unless it also looks like something they’d love to use, your customer will lose interest.

Because of this, SaaS companies often need to create a number of videos capturing their interface and UX. The most common way to do this is to simply pull “screenshot video” captured directly from your computer. This is a “quick and dirty” viable solution, but what if you want to stand out from the masses and do something that highlights your product in a more creative way? In this case, consider shooting the screen interaction with a DSLR camera. While it takes a little preparation, when done correctly, this can have a great effect. Check out this video tutorial of Creative Director Gabe Gerzon laying out the do’s and don’ts of capturing great screen video in a way that stands out!