How We Travel & Why We're Awesome at It

by Alex Dunn on March 16, 2016

How We Travel and Why We're Awesome At It

One of the most common questions we get about video testimonials at Skyscope is: “My customer’s office is far away…do you guys travel? How does that work?”

The short answer is, it works really well. Our process for booking travel, the size of our gear and production team, and the experiences we’ve gained from doing years of travel shoots all contribute to the confidence you can have when you hire Skyscope to capture your customer’s stories from the Golden State to the Big Apple and everywhere in between.

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Form Factor:

Hiring or sending a video team and all the equipment needed to film a cinematic testimonial might seem like a lot of stuff: lights, cameras, tripods, producers, audio techs, and the list goes on… or so you would think. At Skyscope, we use a nimble team and extremely compact gear.

Our travel team members are all cross-trained to be top-shelf videographers, sound techs, lighting wizards, and expert interviewers that know how to shoot video with the editing process in mind. Depending on the complexity of your shoot, we’ll only be sending two or three members of our team; not the full roll-call you see during movie credits.

Every shoot team comes equipped with a load-out of some of the most cutting edge camera gear available. We use Canon C-series cameras and L-series lenses for the majority of interviews, as well as the super slow mo and 4K-capable Sony A7sii for cinematic shots. Our lighting setup fits nicely inside a carry on sized Pelican case, and the few tripods, sliders, and stands we need fit into a hard shell golf case that gets checked. This means that even if the airline misplaces or mishandles our baggage, the shoot won’t suffer. With a single checked bag, and three carry-ons, the entire production team breezes through airports, public transit and even fits into a Prius hatchback when necessary.

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Hassle Free

You have a customer in Missouri that’s only available at 9am on a Tuesday next month to give a video testimonial. You have three reports due, a new landing page that has to go live next week, and you can’t imagine how to get it all done. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. When you have a client that’s far away, Skyscope can book all the travel arrangements needed to capture your customer’s story and ship you a detailed itinerary before the shoot. We’ll even book flights and a hotel for you if you want to be present for shooting. After we execute the shoot and make it back to our editing lab, we build out a detailed expense report and share all receipts with you for reimbursement.

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Travel Hackers

The Skyscope team has filmed video in more than half the states from coast to coast. Being a team that travels a lot, we’ve developed a number of tools and tricks for maximum efficiency and redundancy. We know how to deal with lost baggage (god forbid), major public transit routes, and sticking to itineraries that require three shoots in three cities, connected by five flights, in four days (seriously, we did that once). Regardless of complexity, we have never missed a shoot in another state. By partnering with local camera gear rental services, we have a failsafe recovery plan if TSA loses our one checked bag containing light stands and tripods. Our travel team also rocks Global Entry to make sure we never miss flights when security is taking their sweet time.

Now that you know how Skyscope keeps travel shoots under control and under budget, don’t let the location of your customers keep you from capturing their stories with unique and authentic video testimonials. If you have any questions about travel we missed, or want to chat about a video project that’s not in your backyard, give us a call or drop us an email at [email protected]. Happy video marketing everyone!

Alex Dunn is the COO of Skyscope and oversees daily operations and makes sure everything is functioning delightfully. Overseeing all the major processes at Skyscope, Alex strives to turn the complex process of video production into an easy and fun experience for everyone. When he’s not managing finances, working with customers, or strategizing on marketing plans for Skyscope, you can find Alex in the kitchen making opulent sandwiches, or on the golf course with friends. Fore!

Have a question about anything related to video marketing or the business operations of Skyscope? Drop him a line at: [email protected]