Our Testimonial Process

by Alex Dunn on January 14, 2016

Let’s face it: Most people ignore the majority of sales and marketing messages you send to them. They scroll past ads whenever possible and are skeptical of anyone clearly trying to sell them something. People want to hear authentic stories from the real users of the product or service in question. Only then can they begin to trust all the other claims you are making.

That’s why positive Amazon reviews dramatically increase ecommerce sales, and why a restaurant’s popularity explodes when they achieve the coveted 5 star customer rating on Yelp. And according to iPreceptions 2011 report, It’s also why customers are 63% more likely to make a purchase from a website that features customer reviews.

Written case studies have their place, but nothing’s more effective than a video testimonial that effectively tells the success story in a concise but information rich and exciting way. Marketers utilizing video these days are growing revenue 49% faster than those who aren’t, and 74% of those in the B2B industry swear by video content for increasing conversion rates. Buyers prefer a short and informative video, not a long .pdf – and who can blame them. (via the Vidyard blog)

Okay, so most of us already know that video is important for a marketing strategy. So why isn’t everyone implementing video (specifically testimonials) full throttle? In our experience, it’s because many B2B marketers still view the production of a high quality, engaging video testimonial as a complicated and cumbersome task. It seems like a lot of work on all fronts, and a big ask of their customer. Due to this perceived complication many marketers put it off or never even ask their customers, and sadly, what would have been an incredibly value piece of marketing content is never brought to life. Sure, the production of top notch video testimonials can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

At Skyscope, we’ve created a unique video production process that makes capturing customer content as painless, efficient and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.


After producing over a hundred testimonials in 20+ states, we’ve learned a few things about how to make the process easier for our own customers and their testifying clients. From the moment of your initial inquiry to the final delivery, the entire video production process can take less than a month to complete, and has 3 simple phases. Watch our short video explaining how it works so you can be completely confident asking your client to participate and create a powerful testimonial video your sales and marketing team will go crazy for.

1. Pre-Production (strategy phase)

  • All we need to start is for you to fill out a short creative brief about the customer you want to feature.
  • We then get started by writing tactical interview questions that will elicit the best responses.
  • Next we create a detailed messaging strategy and shot list to make up the production outline. (Think of this as the script + storyboard for your upcoming shoot).
  • While all of this is happening we can schedule the “shoot day” according to you and your client’s availability and convenience. You can act as the go-between and schedule it with your customer, or feel free to introduce us and we’ll happily schedule directly with them.

2. Production (the shoot day)

The average testimonial shoot can be completed with just 3 hours at your customer’s office with our efficient video production team equipped with compact and cutting-edge video gear. All we need is a 30 minute calendar slot from the testifying customer you are featuring on camera, and we guarantee a positive, non-intrusive experience for your customer and the entire office.

  • We interview your testifying customer to capture the most authentic story. Our version of an interview is just a relaxed and authentic conversation, with a few straightforward guidelines to help us edit – they usually run 15-20 minutes.
  • We film some b-roll around the office to add context and excitement to the story. Think meetings, whiteboarding and actual shots of your product in use.
  • You (if you’re present) sit back and enjoy the show. This day is also a great opportunity to check in with your customers and show them how much you value them.

3. Post-Production (editing phase)

  • We bring the story of your customer’s success to life with B-roll, titles, intro graphics, and music.
  • 2 weeks after the shoot, you’ll receive a private link to a “V1” of your video [Skyscope Definition: Version One- a nearly completed edit with music, B-roll, color correction, lower thirds, logo animation and all other features you’d expect.]
  • Presuming rapid feedback, you can expect a final cut delivered about a week later after we’ve incorporated your thoughts & suggestions. Start to finish, the post production process is typically under a month, and can be expedited if necessary.

The magic of a well produced, persuasive testimonial is that it reinforces and adds credibility to every single other marketing and sales claim you make. With great testimonials to support them, all of your marketing messages become more effective. If you like the idea of a top-notch testimonial but have always hesitated because you felt it was too complicated or too much to ask of your customer – well, no longer. When you’re ready for a painless and professional customer testimonial, we’d love to hear from you.