Skyscope Launches Tech Frontier TV!

by Alex Dunn on January 10, 2013

Today we launched Tech Frontier TV, a “micro documentary” web channel focused on telling the stories of innovators making an impact in technology driven industries.

In this first episode, we vist, a Boston company that helps entrepreneurs win by providing expertise and guidance from experts who have done it before.

Most of the videos we make are quite short, and for good reason. There is a well documented drop-off in audience viewership of business videos after the first minute. People want to quickly understand the big ideas driving your business. Video does this in a powerful and engaging way.

But video comes in more varieties than the 60-90 second showcase videos we produce for the majority of our business clients. Tech Frontier TV is chance for us to further develop our cinematic “micro documentary” style and tell in-depth stories for our viewers to enjoy.

We look forward to bringing you more awesome video content detailing interesting stories and innovations in the tech sphere soon. If you’d like us to consider your organization for an episode, tweet us at: @TechFrontierTV

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