Skyscope Motion Graphics Reel 2015

by Jon Bettinger on October 19, 2015


We’re pleased to release our 2015 Motion Graphics reel, illustrating our exciting growth in motion graphics capabilities! All clips were created by our Lead Motion Designer, Jon Bettinger.

We strive to deliver videos with impact while telling the most compelling story possible for our clients. With the limited attention span of viewers, it’s more important than ever to distill complicated products and services in a way that people can digest, quickly & thoroughly. In this day and age (and especially in the B2B tech world), that typically means incorporating some level of motion graphics (or as we prefer to call them, mo-graphs). Motion Graphics refer to any animations or graphic design elements added to your video in post production. This includes Logo Animations, Titles, Lower Thirds (LTs), UI animations, Infographics and Accents, though we can also make fully animated videos like this one!

Long story short, mo-graphs are important for our storytelling process, and they really help us break down and communicate complex, technical ideas, like “the cloud” and “big data,” for our clients.

Want some motion graphics in your next video project? Contact us & let’s chat about it.

Check out our motion graphics explainer video to see how it all works!