Skyscope’s Motion Graphics Process

by Jon Bettinger on June 10, 2015

It is short for motion graphic, and we use the term to refer to any animations or graphic design elements added to your video during the edit.

This includes Logo Animations, Titles, Lower thirds, UI animations, Infographics, and Accents, but we can also make fully animated videos like the one you are watching!


Our process starts when you send us your brand’s assets like Logos, Swatches, and Fonts. We can’t start anything until we get your stuff, so make sure to ship it as soon as possible!

Next our team figures out where your video would be enhanced most with additional graphics, and puts together a plan.
After that we create storyboards and style frames. These are the animator’s equivalents of ‘rough drafts’. The storyboards show the flow of the animation, while the style frames give you an idea of the final aesthetic. It is important to get both of these right, because any changes to the concept once the animation moves into production are very time consuming, and can lead to major delays delivering the project.

Once the process is done, you will have a video that you are so happy with, you will wish you could high-five Jon through the computer.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact [email protected]!