The “Harlem Shake” Gold Rush

by Alex Dunn on February 28, 2013

“The Harlem Shake,” and Internet memes in general, are a lot like gold rushes.

At first, they’re exciting and new, and everyone wants to hit the “mother lode” and score a million hitter on YouTube. The original “Harlem Shake” video was uploaded on January 30th and immediately set off a mad dash to replicate its success. YouTubers ravenously mined the meme and uploaded over 12,000 versions within the first 12 days of February. By the time the dust settled, everyone and their mother had witnessed a profusion of offices, students, sports teams, and even small armies unleash a dance enferno of unabashed emotion.

Although the original “Shake” video was first seen less than a month ago, it has already lost most of its original appeal, much like a massive rush on a prolific gold field. Soon, our collective memory of the “Harlem Shake’s” explosive popularity will fade and we’ll all glom on to the next alluring meme.

Regardless of its short lived fame, the Internet had a field day with The Harlem Shake…and so did we. Here’s Skyscope’s unusual rendition, shot last weekend. Enjoy.

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