Tips for an Effortless Skyscope Shoot

by Alex Dunn on March 24, 2016

Being part of a Skyscope video shoot is ridiculously easy. If you’re thinking about how nervous you got in your high school play, or for your first big job interview; take a deep breath and relax.

The entire process is done in about three hours, and if you’re being interviewed we only need about 30 minutes of your time. We want to remove as many unknowns as possible before we show up for a shoot, so we made this quick video to show you just how easy the whole process is when we’re there. Take a look and we will see you on the shoot day!

Here are the tips:

  1. Let your whole team know in advance that a friendly, unobtrusive 3-person video team is coming by to capture some footage.
  2. Set aside a small room or office where we can setup (and access) our gear.
  3. It takes 30 minutes to setup and scout our first interview, and interviews themselves are 30 minutes or less.
  4. We’ll want an hour to capture cinematic b-roll shots around the office. It’s especially important that we get some shots of our interviewee collaborating and working so we can craft a compelling and complete story.
  5. Just act naturally and pretend like we aren’t even there. If you see a camera pointed in your direction, just continue with what you’re doing and avoid looking at it.
  6. If you being interviewed: Don’t prepare at all. Seriously. We do all the prep for you so that you just have to show up and have a conversation. And the interview will be quick, easy and fun – we promise.

Alex Dunn is the COO of Skyscope and oversees daily operations and makes sure everything is functioning delightfully. Overseeing all the major processes at Skyscope, Alex strives to turn the complex process of video production into an easy and fun experience for everyone. When he’s not managing finances, working with customers, or strategizing on marketing plans for Skyscope, you can find Alex in the kitchen making opulent sandwiches, or on the golf course with friends. Fore!

Have a question about anything related to video marketing or the business operations of Skyscope? Drop him a line at: [email protected]