3 Best Practices When Implementing Your Video

by Sam Shepler on September 14, 2015

The implementation of your video, as in where and how you put it on your website, can make the difference between exceptional success… Or just average, underwhelming results.

Let’s review 3 key principles that will ensure your current, or future, Skyscope video is maximally effective.

1. Video Placement:

People love watching videos, so make it clear that it is one! Don’t make your customers think too hard. Hook their attention immediately with a large thumbnail image, call to action, and a play button overlaid so they’re excited.. and intrigued.. for what they’re about to watch.

2. The First Impression:

Ask yourself: At what point in your communication funnel will this video be most powerful? What is the goal you want to accomplish when visitors land on your website? It’s been determined that video boosts conversion rates as much as 64-85%, so anytime you’re trying to get people to sign up to schedule a demo or start a free trial… Make sure video, preferably a customer testimonial film, is closeby.

3. Professional Video Hosting:

Not using professional hosting for business video is like investing in a luxury sportscar then deciding to put used, crappy tires on it. Simply put, it limits your performance and power, and diminishes the experience for your customers. At Skyscope, we use and recommend Wistia. With useful tools like clickable call to action buttons, powerful analytics on viewer behavior, and a clean and customizable player… You’ll be able to unleash the full power of your video.

So there you have it. Great results do start with an exceptional video, but it is still essential for your implementation to support your business goals. Have any more questions about implementation, or anything business video related? Drop us a line on twitter or facebook. Until next time.. Peace… and happy marketing!