Using Video For Internal Enterprise Communication

by Gabe Gerzon on April 23, 2013

Video is ideal for for telling the stories that build trust with your customers and scaling your key messages, so it’s no surprise most technology companies invest primarily in customer facing videos, e.g. videos that will be used specifically for “external” sales and marketing communication.

The biggest strategic asset of any technology company however, from the large enterprise to the small startup, is the talented people it is able to attract and retain.

Here we have a behind the scenes look from a segment of an internal communication video we are currently producing for GSN Digital.

The best performing companies have top notch communication. All team members understand exactly how their role in the business matters, and have a crystal clear understanding of the mission, vision, and core values of the company. As companies grow and teams become distributed globally, internal communication must scale to match this growth. Video can play an essential role in this.

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