Web Video Production Tip : Content Can Be Anything

by Sam Shepler on December 11, 2012

If you’re able to get in the right frame of mind as a video marketer, you’ll be surprised how many opportunities you will find to produce short, meaningful and memorable web videos that support your business.

Video content marketing is all about giving your audience interesting and engaging content that provides value, rather than directly trying to “sell” them.

As you can imagine, quite a lot of video production topics fit in this description, such as tutorials, product demos, or branded entertainment. Sometimes, even a simple behind the scenes video that gives customers a personal look into your business can be surprisingly engaging.

Here’s a short and simple video we shot exclusively on our GoPro Hero2 chronicling the start of our recent business trip to Minneapolis for our client Linkable Networks.


Don’t let the feeling that your video content needs to be perfect stop you from putting web video out there it in the first place.

Shout out to Lens Pro to Go for their amazing selection of affordable lenses and stellar customer service. We highly recommend them if you need to rent a specialty piece of equipment for web video production!

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