Who to Ask When Getting Your Customer Testimonial

by Gabe Gerzon on February 26, 2016


Although working with an exceptional video production team is critical, the most important success key of a customer testimonial video actually happens weeks before we show up on set: selecting the hero of your movie! S/he doesn’t need to have the name recognition of Will Smith or J-Law, but they should be able to engage your prospective customers with their passion, knowledge, and accessibility. We always bring our Hollywood-grade cameras and years of experience interviewing and editing to the table, but ultimately the video will thrive because of the character on screen.

Here’s a handy graphic with 3 simple principles to reference when weighing the potential customers for your next testimonial video:

Who-To-Ask-Final copy

Infographic Illustration by Jon Bettinger.

Jon Bettinger is the Director of Animation at Skyscope. When he’s not creating engaging motion graphics for our customers he’s making music, playing Counter-Strike, or watching cartoons.

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Gabe Gerzon is co-founder, Creative Director, and Director of Photography at Skyscope. These are fancy ways of saying he makes sure our videos are always beautiful and cinematic. Nothing gets him jazzed quite like a smooth slider shot or a killer color grade. When he’s not leading the creative team, he’s a bit of a yogi, cinefile, and basketball aficionado. Go Celts!

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