Why We Don’t Include Raw Footage

by Gabe Gerzon on December 4, 2015


Often after shoots, we’ll get asked about the delivery of raw footage. We know there are plenty of reasons that make raw footage seem like a good idea–perhaps you weren’t present at the shoot…watching the raw footage would be a great way to make sure we don’t miss any key messaging points, right? You may even already have someone in house that can handle editing the video, so you just prefer we hand over the hard drive after the shoot.

In either case, when you go with the Skyscope team to produce your next testimonial or creative video, we’re confident that asking for the raw footage isn’t always the best idea, and trusting us with the edit is.

Here are our reasons:

1. Raw footage is hard to handle

  • The clips won’t be color corrected (which is an extremely time consuming & technical process)
  • Sound mixing won’t happen until footage gets to the editing suite

So, unless you’re an experienced colorist and sound mixing enthusiast, the barrier to entry here can be significant.

2. We love to edit (so you don’t have to)

  • We love editing! It’s what we do everyday and what we’re good at.
  • We have a rock-solid process for this that we’ve built out over time.
  • Dumping all the raw footage on you adds cost and could affect timeline. We promise delivery of a first cut within a few weeks of the shoot. (or faster, if you need it) Will you be free to dedicate the time needed for this edit on top of all your other projects/deadlines?

3. We can collaborate to make more videos

  • What happened to the footage that didn’t make the cut? We love working with you to find new ways to put old footage to use.
  • The footage is unmolded clay, and it’s our work as sculptors to refine it to something great.

All this said, if you have a compelling reason to review all the raw footage yourself, we’re all ears. After all, our goal is to help you out. We hope this shed a little bit of light on the often confusing topic of raw footage. Thanks, and be sure to follow our blog for more helpful videos.